Friday, February 26, 2010

Paleo Art

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have been part of me since I was a kid, begging my Mom to take me yet again to the Denver Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaur skeletons and at that time, the murals that surrounded the displays. It was only natural that I would jump head first into the garage kits of these animals and then into life size museum exhibits. I've met a lot of great people in the field of paleo art and am lucky to meet up with and learn from paleontologists as well. It really is exciting to try to bring realism to these fantastic sculptures and not just make another creepy monster. I won't lay too many photos on you but instead come back to this subject from time to time.

First up is Dimetrodon sculpted by Keith Strasser. I built the base as if it was sunning itself on a cool morning. For AFM magazine.

T-Rex attacking Triceratops by Sean Cooper.

Baryonyx, one of Shane Foulkes' early sculpts with added base.

Galimimus by Charles McGrady

Kronosaurus by McGrady. Cool photoshopping by Anthony Mestas
Gorgosaurus, "Judith" by David Krentz
Acrocanthosaurus by Shane Foulkes


  1. Love Judith.
    The patterning on that McGrady Gallimimus made me gasp in awe!

  2. incredible! thank's for this, please keep uploading stuff :D