Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bigfoot Alert!

Bigfoot model kit sculpted by Joe Laudati for John Diaz and Resin Realities

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Another cool wall hanging from George Stephenson's Blackheart Enterprises, TRex!

Monster Squad Gillman

Blackheart Enterprises' 1/1 scale bust of the gillman from the film "Monster Squad"

Mammoth of a Job!

I was asked to build and paint a Woolly Mammoth model kit for my friend Hiroto Tsubouchi.  This beautiful sculpture by Bill Weiger is easily 4 ft long and almost 2 ft tall.  Now that's a Mammoth model kit! 

Here's a few pictures of the project in progress; I'm sorry the photos aren't as professional as they should be, this thing was just too big for my photograph table.  I used Magic Sculpt epoxy putty for the seams and blending and the piece was basically painted by first dark brown and black rattle cans followed by airbrushing and a LOT of dry brushing.