Monday, April 9, 2012

Moses Jaen Zombie

It's always a pleasure to work on one of Moses' Zombies, especially this one.  Lifesize (or deadsize) head sculpted for Scott Whitworth debuting at Monsterpalooza 2012.  Look who it is!

Mark Wiberg Ankylosaur

My cousin Mark Wiberg is a very talented artist who brought over his latest ink drawing of an Ankylosaurus crossing a small creek.  I had to share this and I'll try to get more of his work over here in the future.  If anyone is interested in purchasing this just leave a comment I'll get back to you.


Misc., part 2...

Here's a few more random kits from the archives.  The Son of Frankenstein kit is a conversion from the re-issues of the Aurora Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde and the others have just been hanging around...